"For me, photography is about capturing the essence of a place, illuminating the nuances of the environment and its humanity. It’s the seemingly mundane moments of life that I find most captivating - the small, intimate details that reveal the beauty of the world around us."

Through his personal work, Dion delves into the impact of urbanization on both landscapes and communities, the significance of what we call "home", and the complexities of our relations with the natural world. With a critical yet curious perspective, he explores the intricate relationship between humanity and its environment - be it urban or rural, using his emotions and intuition to guide him in the creative process. His latest ongoing project, What Can't See, is an exploration of the effects of a multi Billion Dollar redevelopment project on a vibrant and diverse community in Seoul.

By blending traditional printing techniques with a keen sense of color and light, he creates painterly images that are imbued with a sense of intimacy and warmth. Whether he is working on a commissioned project or pursuing his personal practice, he brings the same level of sensitivity and insight to his work. His photographs are not merely representations of the world, but a mirror of his own emotional and intellectual experience of it.

Dion earned his BA from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague and is currently based between Amsterdam and Seoul.

      Solo Exhibitions       
What Can't See. Domansa, Seoul. (2024)

Group exhibitions:
2023 Hannam Art Archiving project. aHsh Gallery, Seoul (2023)
Photo Vogue Festival. Milan. (2022)
#CreateCOP26 on Art Partner (2021)

Publications and Features
For the land of the River
Photographic bandwidth (Issue 2)
Safelight Paper
Teeth Magazine

Clients: The Atlantic, Genesis, Lois Jeans, and Saturday of Us



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