Growing up in a village in the North-West of the Netherlands, Dion was constantly digesting the surroundings of the typical Dutch landscape, an endless view of flat green fields. He could not wait to move away from it, only to realize later that there is always a part of himself that is longing for the stillness that he experienced while living there. Moving to the city made him question his role within the complex and rapidly changing system he now found himself in. Therefore, reflecting on the relationship between humans and their respective environments, both in urban and rural places. 

In his personal projects, Dion has addressed the effects of urbanization on landscapes and communities, the intrinsic meaning of home, and our complicated relationship with nature. Therefore, there is a focus on the dance between place and person, cause and effect. He is observing the world with a curious, but critical eye, and letting emotions and intuition guide him in the process. These emotions are translated into the work by the use of traditional printing techniques, color, light, and accordingly, its intimate nature.

I like to immerse myself in the world of the subject, bringing out its character and the specifics of the place and its humanity. Thus I am instinctively drawn to the seemingly mundane moments in life. It is in those moments that I truly feel like I am experiencing the overlooked beauty that life can offer us”

Currently, Dion is based between Amsterdam and Seoul. He gained a BA at the Royal Acadamy of Arts in The Hague.



What can’t see, Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague. (2022)
#CreateCOP26 on Art Partner (2021)

For the land of the River
Photographic bandwidth (Issue 2)

Clients: The Atlantic, ELLE NL, Lois Jeans and Saturday of Us

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