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What Can’t See seeks to highlight the uniquely diverse community of Bogwang-dong. This neighborhood is on the precipice of demolition due to a redevelopment initiative by the major conglomerate Hyundai, with an estimated cost of 3 trillion won ($2.2 billion). As a consequence, more than 8,000 households will need to relocate once the districts undergo redevelopment.

Through this documentation, I hope to unveil the profound impact of redevelopment, where economic ambitions often overshadow the preservation of social and cultural diversity. Yongsan’s distinct character emerges from its intricate and unconventional composition. Here, one street comes alive with vibrant LGBTQ nightlife, while the next is graced by the country’s largest Mosque. Anchoring one end stands the main U.S. military base, and at the other, beckons the trendiest restaurant. It is one of those rare places, not only in Korea but worldwide, where subcultures coexist in a seemingly improbable harmony. It is in Bogwang-dong that these diverse elements find not only acceptance, but also a true sense of belonging- a place where the residents collectively shape what we call and know as home.

As a foreigner myself in a foreign land, the place where I felt the strongest connection in Seoul was in Bogwang-dong. Much like its diverse residents, a mosaic of immigrants and subcultures, I too discovered a sense of belonging and a genuine connection to Seoul within these streets. The images of Bogwang-dong are juxtaposed with Seoul's perpetually shifting cityscape, painting a grim picture of its inescapable future.

As we witness the evolution of our cities and contemplate the future, it is imperative that we ask ourselves:

For whom are we constructing these cities of tomorrow?

And what will Seoul transform into when the distinctive elements that define its identity are removed?

2021 - Ongoing

Features:         BooooooomSafelight paper
Exhibitions:   2023 Hannam Art Archiving project, aHsh Gallery, Seoul (2023)
                        Photo Vogue Festival, Milan. (2022)
                        Graduation Exhibition, Royal Acadamy of Arts. The Hague. (2022)